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Children First 
Ms. Scott
Instructor: Ms. Scott   
Classroom Update
Third marking cycle has begun. Students are learning lots of interesting things in this cycle. In writing
students are learning how to write Argument/Opinion writing. They will be given prompts to write about and give their opinion.
We have started Chapter 7 in math. Students will be learning about counting money and telling time. Please work with your child at home as well on this skill.
Continue to monitor your child's Think Central website to see what stories we are working on in reading. You can also see what skill in reading your child is being tested on. We are currently on story 11: Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type."
Thank you parents for your continued support in your child's education.
Student Websites
Just some reminders:
Students should be reading 20 minutes every night and keeping a log which was given to them.

Students should be going on the following websites at home:
iread (get on through the district website) https//
(This is the social studies website)
The East Orange Public Library has computers that can be used on site.
Report Cards
Please follow instructions to download your child's report card for the First Quarter grades. Refer to attachment.
The East Orange School District Has Gone Digital!!
Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please be informed the East Orange School District will no longer send home printed mid-quarter notices or report cards to the parents of our students. Parents are now required to log onto the EOSD Parent Portal to retrieve their childs mid-quarter notices and report cards.
Report Cards for Quarter 1 will be available for download on the EOSD Parent Portal Tuesday, November 22, 2016. Below are the instructions on how to download mid-quarter notices and report cards.
Step 1: Log on to the East Orange School District Parent Portal

Step 2: You will see the below message displaying in the Messages box. Please note you will see the name of your childs school. 11 Parks Academy is being utilized as an example for these instructions.

Step 3: Click on the Download Report Card link. A PDF of your childs mid-quarter notices will download automatically.

If you have not registered for the East Orange School District FOCUS Parent Portal please visit the EOSD Website and click on the Description: DataHD:Users:tracy.smith:Desktop:Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 2.31.33 PM.png in the very top right corner of the home page. Its right next to the Facebook Link.

If you experience problems downloading your childs mid-quarter notices or report cards, please email Tracy Smith at for further support.
Math homework tonight is 3.9.
Reading homework is page 19&20 from practice book.
We are on Day 4 of the spelling homework.
Social Studies projects are due 9/30/16.

Grades Online
Parents please make sure after signing up for Parental Focus (ONLINE GRADEBOOK) that you come into the main office and verify your account. Please bring valid ID. This will allow you to see your child/children's grades throughout their time at East Orange School District.
Math homework tonight will be lesson 3.6.
Please continue to work on the Social Studies projects. All first drafts will be due by Friday 9/23/16.
Reading homework tonight will be page 13-14.
Science homework is page 12. Page 11 was completed in class. Study both pages for quiz. (Note you can access the science book online on think central.)
Spelling words for Reading Lesson 2 were given out today.
Math homework tonight will be lesson 3.5.
Please continue to work on the Social Studies projects.
Please check the parent focus to see spelling, and reading grades.
Reading homework tonight will be pages 9-12. (Note: pages 11-12 were started in class.)
Homework and upcoming projects; test.
Math homework tonight will be lesson 3.4.
Please continue to work on the Social Studies Projects. Graphic Organizer is being sent home tonight to fill in information.
Spelling test Tuesday September 20.
Language Arts homework tonight (Alphabetical Order).
Please check students Think Central page for test given today for reading. (Have sent home student's passwords for same.)
Welcom Back School Letter
September 6, 2016

Dear Parent(s) Guardian(s),

Welcome back to a new school year. I hope you have shared an enjoyable summer together! I look forward to working with you to support and enrich your child's academic growth, and making it an enjoyable and successful year together.
Parents, please sign up for the Focus parent portal as we will no longer use paper report cards or warning notices. The school day starts at 8:10am and ends at 2:35pm.

Being prepared for the school is the step in the right direction, so let's begin talking about school supplies. Your child will need the following:
-a book bag,-7 marble notebooks (no binders or spiral notebooks please!),
-2 sturdy 2 pocket folders,-sharpened pencils (at least 5 in the book bag daily).

Your child will be receiving homework each night, therefore he/she will need to keep certain supplies at home (PLEASE DO NOT SEND THESE ITEMS TO SCHOOL!):
-a dictionary, -a pack of loose leaf paper, -extra pencils, -crayons/markers, -scissors, -a ruler, -an eraser, -a sharpener, -a glue.

Now let's talk about expectations, classrooms rules, consequences. It is very important that your child adhere to the following:
-come to school prepared each day (book bag, homework folder, homework assignment, projects, and in complete uniform)
-homework is given daily and it is to be turned in on time and in neat condition.
-read at least 15-25 minutes each day. If possible, with a parent or older sibling present.
-please sign and return all test papers, and check your child's homework daily.
-school and classroom rules must be obeyed always.
-a note is required upon returning to school whenever a child is out sick.
-visit the public library at least twice a month
-bring two boxes of tissues and two bottles of hand sanitizer for the school year. They will be shared among all students.

Consequences for failure to complete assignments and for behavior problems will be as follows.
-First: a verbal warning
-Second: in class detention plus a phone call home
-Third: a parent conference
-Fourth: possible suspension

If you would like to meet with me, please refer to your child's schedule to make an appointment or leave a brief note in your child's homework notebook. I would be more than happy to meet with you. I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you at our "Back To School Night."


Ms. Scott
Chapter 4 Math
Students will be starting Chapter 4 in there to go Math books. Students will be given homework that relates to each lesson being taught. Parents and students can review the lesson on the Think Central website using student username and password to access student math book.

Assignments are now available on TenMarks. These assignments will help strengthen your child's math skills for the concepts being taught. Your child has been given their username and password. A parent letter will be going home about this website.
Ms. Scott
Welcome to Ms. Scott's second grade class.
Social Studies
Students have been given their username and password so that they can access their Social Studies books on line. We have started Unit 2 lessons.
Discussion Topics
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